The Top 5 Medical Schools in the US

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Medical schools are tough places. Not only is the education very intensive and impressive, and sometimes hard to digest, but the competition level amongst students is very high. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. In fact, it takes a rare breed of person to go after a medical degree and rise in the ranks of the medical profession. The person needs to take their studies seriously, be very smart, very dedicated and very driven. They need to handle stress very well, be dedicated to their job first and foremost and must have a big ego, as well as a streak of perfectionism. The life of a medical professional is indeed a hard and demanding life, and any student getting ready to enter that field- or is even just about it- must be prepared for all that comes with it. Medical school is a tough place to get into to- not to mention expensive- and it may even be a tougher place to finish once you get accepted into it. Here are some of the best medical schools in the country, according to studies that have been done by U.S. News, which conducts a study of medical schools every year based on MCAT scores, GPA, acceptance rate at the college, the student to faculty ratio and the grants that the school receives, in order to measure which schools are the best research facilities in the medical education world.


1. Harvard University (Boston, MA)

As if Harvard is not on the top of pretty much every list involving education, it is also on the top of the medical school list as the best research school in the country, and perhaps even the world. It is also one of the most expensive medical schools in the country- as it ranks in the top 10 in that category- but, it is worth it when you have a school that is as good as Harvard University.

(tied) 2. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

This is another very prestigious school on the list, and perhaps the most famous medical school in the entire country, if not the entire world. The school is slightly less expensive than Harvard, which beat it out for the top spot, but is much smaller and much more competitive because of that.

(tied) 2. University of Pennsylvania Perelmen- Philadelphia, PA

Tying with Johns Hopkins is a surprise on this list for anyone with just a cursory knowledge of medical schools. We all probably expected Harvard and Johns Hopkins, but very few probably expected the University of Pennsylvania to make it onto this prestigious list.

4. Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

Yet another hot shot school on the list. Stanford is known for all-around academic excellence, and its medical program is no different.

5. University of California- San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

UCSF is another sleeper to make it onto the list, and it is one of the cheapest schools on the entire top 10 list- being almost half of what the other ones are.

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an education blog carnival – June 13, 2012

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Welcome to the June 13, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

Paul Taylor presents 10 Forms of Discipline Banned From U.S. Schools posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “Older generations often relay horror stories about the discipline they received, or at the very least witnessed, when they were in school and how vastly different and tame it is from the discipline kids receive today.”

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Melanie Grant presents Reasons my children like homeschooling posted at Mel’s Mouthful on Mothering, saying, “Oh so you thought it was just mom that loves homeschooling? That children are reluctant participants in this thing called homeschooling. Well you would be wrong. Happy to say they love it too! They have plenty of reasons of their own, so I interviewed each one and asked them what they loved about homeschooling.”

Melanie Grant presents 10 Reasons to homeschool a creative child posted at Mel’s Mouthful on Mothering, saying, “My children are creative, how about yours? And there are loads of reasons to homeschool a creative child. I have children who are creative in so many different ways. I know that some people think about children who are creative they imagine a child who paints all day. Well looking at the word creative – it is really one who likes to create (and I believe that can be any kind of medium). So by this definition all of my children are creative.”

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an education blog carnival – June 27, 2012

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Welcome to the June 27, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

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Paul Taylor presents 8 Fun and Mess Free Craft Projects for Kids posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “Are you tired of hearing, “I’m bored, I want to do something” from the kids? Crafts are the perfect solution to occupying hours of kids’ days.”

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Liz E presents Urban Homeschooling: More Traditional Socialization and Weathering Tough Times posted at Homeschooling in Buffalo.

Jon Rhodes presents How To Improve Your Creativity posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “Here are some methods you can try at home to help you increase your creative thikning abilities.”

Magali Rincon presents GMAT vs GRE: Which One Do You Need To Take? posted at Success at School, saying, “Testing can be time consuming and expensive. Make sure you know which standardized tests you need to take.”

Toni Graybill presents A Fun Travel Cat: Infinity Mirror in Vancouver posted at A Fun Travel Cat, saying, “What is an infinity mirror?”

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How to Tell If It’s Time to Find a Different Tutor

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Tutoring is a bit like dating. You simply connect with some romantic partners more than you do with others. Similarly, you may connect well with certain tutors better than you do with other tutors. If you don’t “click” with a tutor, it doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t good at tutoring. It just means that another tutor might do a better job of helping you understand the complex subjects you’re trying to learn for school. Here are some reasons you might consider searching for a new tutor and parting ways with your current one:

You aren’t making enough academic progress

Maybe you’re a kinesthetic learner and your tutor persistently tries to teach you concepts with visual models like graphs. Or maybe your tutor relays information to you too rapidly. There are various reasons why you might not be making much academic progress with your tutor. If your grades haven’t gone up, it may be time to start looking for someone new to help you with your course work.

Your schedules aren’t compatible

If your tutor can only meet on 3 p.m. on Thursdays, and you have to rush from your last class of the day to meet with him or her and sometimes have to miss tutoring sessions due to time constraints, another tutor may be a better match. Meeting with a tutor should be convenient for you. It shouldn’t be another source of stress in your busy life.

Your tutor doesn’t provide you with encouragement

Part of a tutor’s job is to make his or her tutee feel more confident as a student of a particular subject. If your tutor is making you feel inadequate or lowering your self-confidence, don’t stick around. You’re smart, and you’re highly capable of mastering whatever it is you’re trying to learn. Don’t let anyone else, especially your tutor or teachers, let you think otherwise.

You don’t feel totally comfortable around your tutor

For whatever reason or no reason you can pinpoint, you may not feel entirely comfortable around your tutor. You may have trouble talking to him or her or feel nervous when he or she asks you questions. Feeling comfortable around your tutor and being able to form a working relationship with him or her is essential. You learn the most when you feel comfortable, free to be yourself, and free to make mistakes.

Remember that you aren’t stuck with your current tutor forever. There are plenty of other tutors out there who might be able to help you more effectively.

Alvina Lopez has freelanced about education throughout her career. As technology and education converge, Alvina hopes to guide her readers as they search for online college programs that have the potential to jump-start their careers and change their lives. She primarily contributes to She welcomes feedback at

Quick Tricks for Memorizing

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The last time I had to memorize something quickly was when I had to give a presentation on quantum physics in a science class. The only problem was that I was a humanities student with no real background or understanding of physics, let alone quantum physics. But I had a script all prepared, all I had to do was memorize it and then spew it back in front of the class. What let me do it, big science-sounding words and all, was a trick one of my friends had taught me, and you can learn it too.  First, build yourself a memory house or path. Then imagine you are physically putting an object in that house or seeing something on a trail, and tie a memory to that object. When you need to recall it, go back to that room in the memory house or walk down the memory trail. It sounds like something your hippie Aunt Jen would tell you right after she mentioned the phrase “crystal healing,” but it really works wonders.

Another good one, if perhaps more annoying, is turning what you need to remember into a song. I will always remember the 50 states because my 3rd grade teacher pounded it into my head. For a chemistry test I memorized the most common polyatomic ions by crafting a beautiful (terrible) song to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Just make sure you don’t recite it audibly in the middle of a test or something.

There is always the classic “write it out 50 times” method of memorization.  However you will want to be sure to take a half hour break and then try writing it out again to see if you are actually making progress. Also continue using any methods that are currently working well for you already.. If you do further research on this subject, make sure to take anything that mentions the different “auditory/visual/tactile” learning styles with a grain of salt as they have yet to be proved methods. Learn more at

Copywriting is an ideal spare-time business

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The living costs of the people are rising day by day and it is better if they can earn some extra bucks in order to assist in their life. Doing a part time job is the best way to earn a few dollars. Copywriting can be considered as a good spare time business to start because of many reasons. It does not require many skills and Basic English reading and writing skills would help you to complete a task.

If you select copywriting as your spare time business, you don’t have to go anywhere and work. You can simply do it while staying at your home. You need a computer and an Internet connection in order to start working and you will be able to earn money with less hassle. If you have the basic requirements, you can start earning without spending a single cent. It does not cost for the writing process and with the provided article, you will need some basic understanding in order to complete the task successfully.

If you are ready to start copywriting, the biggest problem you will have is to find jobs. But if you visit AWAI you can find many opportunities to earn money from your copywriting talents. They are the only program that offers you to make money from your copywriting skills in a quick and an easy way. They will even guide you from step by step and will train you to become a professional copywriter. Therefore you don’t need to have any experience or any special capabilities in copywriting. They know the special techniques in making a successful copywriter and they will teach you everything.

Even though you start your copywriting career on a part time basis, after a sometime you will feel that it can be made your full time job as well. It can be considered as a highly profitable business and AWAI have created successful copywriter all over the world with their fabulous writing tools. It can be called as an awesome program for the housewives because they spend most of the time at home.

Age is not a problem to start copywriting as your part time business. It is available for everyone in every single corner of the world thanks to the wonders of technology. Your full time job might get affected by the economy, but copywriting will not. The reason behind that is copywriters have plenty of jobs to do whether the economy is good or bad, because companies normally cut off existing workers and outsource freelancers.

AWAI will definitely assist you to be a successful copywriter and all you have to do is to enroll in their program. The rest is assured and in case if you are not satisfied with the progress, they will return the material within 30 days of receipt. Therefore it is totally worth to give a try and you will be impressed by your money making skills after the program.

How to Study With Very Little Effort

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If you think back to your student days, then you will remember how much of a pain in the butt studying was. The human mind can only take so much, and usually, as students, we would push that to the very brink. Late-night cramming sessions that resulted in a “c” on the test, hours of studying that seemed to go to waste, endless note taking that did nothing for retention, memory or recall of information- we have all been there. But, most people misunderstand how studying should be done, and how to make it truly effective in the long-term of the learning process. Studying is a critical part of learning and succeeding, and there are some steps people can take to ease the pressure and burden that comes with studying, and to truly make it beneficial for them, for more than just a good grade.

1. Stay active and healthy- Health plays a big role in how the mind works and how our bodies handle stress and concentration. So, while it may not seem connected in anyway to study habits, it is. Some helpful tips are to always stay hydrated when studying, as this helps blood flow and concentration, as well as making sure to eat a good meal, or to bring some study snacks for those long study sessions, and to make sure to get up and walk around every once in awhile, rather than being hunched over a computer or textbook for hours on end. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a good breakfast is the best way to start off a rousing study session. You can also take supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, which have memory enhancing qualities.

2. Keep a good balance- It is important to not just study all day long. Instead, give yourself a break every once in awhile, do something fun and then come back to studying. The human brain can only retain so much information at one time, so it is important to take a break and let your mind absorb the information, as if you study for too long much of your studying will have gone to waste because your brain could not handle the information overload and just shuts off after a while.

3. Improving recall abilities- There are many scientific studies that have been done that show the importance that certain things can have in memory recall- which is the main goal of studying anyway. For example, studies have shown that certain types of music (classical, jazz, among others) can play a role in enhancing one’s ability to study and recall the information they studied at a later date. So, listen to some Beethoven the next time you are studying, you may be surprised by the end results.

4. Get visual with it- Studies have shown that people tend to learn better when they have a visual representation of the information they are receiving. This is why flashcards were used in elementary school to help students learn math and the alphabet. So, try flashcards, they aren’t just for kids anymore.

5. Albert loves to ski, play golf and snowboard. He does a lot of this with his kids, and has been able to do so because he has his online mba in marketing.

WyzAnt Private Tutoring WebSite Overview

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There are times in life where a little extra help is needed and no more so than when you are studying. Everybody works at a different rate and some subjects come easier to some people than to others. Very often if a career is being sought as a veterinarian, medical doctor, lawyer or other chosen career, extra tutoring may be necessary to get those all so important grades in the relevant subjects. Extra tutoring is nothing new, but finding your tutor online in one place is. Whether you are a concerned parent trying to assist an under pressure child or a college student needing some extra help, a tutor can make a real difference, not only to teach but to mentor as well.

WyzAnt is like a directory for tutors with listings of highly qualified tutors nationwide. Students or parents can search on the subject they are interested in and need help with and also add a geographical location. WyzAnt provides a list of tutors qualified to teach the chosen subject and the areas in which they tutor. The data shown to the end user for each tutor helpfully shows a photograph, name, hourly rate and some a little information. A click on a given tutor will show a biography that shows education which will usually be undergraduate or graduate degrees, location, distance a tutor will travel and an hourly fee. The tutor also gives a personal summary of their specialist areas, cancellation policy and hours available. Customers can rate the tutor, and the rating is displayed on the page.

When you have decided on a tutor you wish to use WyzAnt takes care of the financial matters for you, allowing you to pay using Visa, PayPal, Check, or Money Order. You can also purchase a “package” that allows you to pay a discounted rate. Most tutors charge anywhere between $15 and $50 per hour, but the fee varies based on geographic location and the qualifications of the tutor. WyzAnt guarantees the tutor, and offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

WyzAnt undertakes background checking and the tutor biography page shows whether the tutor has passed the process. The background check feature is particularly nice for parents of younger children who are looking for a tutor and provides peace of mind. The background check includes many individual checks but as a minimum the identity of the tutor is verified, and checks for any felonies, sex crimes, or violent misdemeanors that the tutor may have been charged with.

If you have any inquiries you wish to make directly to the tutor, a contact form allows you to send your query from the site via email.

The WyzAnt website is simple to navigate and is free of any advertising or pop ups which add to the professional look. Creating a student account is a simple process and is initiated if a tutor is contacted or a request is raised to ask them to contact you.

Tutors create an account for free and the site makes money by deducting around 20% of the tutors hourly fees. WyzAnt offers support for students and tutors. There is a large FAQ section that can help answer any questions you may have.

Finding a tutor using WyzAnt is simple to do, and there is an impressive variety of tutors available, however diverse the subject. It will take just minutes to find a suitable tutor for your purposes. Users of the site will enjoy the streamlined design of the site, without having to wade through a lot of information; IT was comparatively uncluttered and straightforward. Without sign up fees for student or tutor, it encourages the two parties and makes the business model of WyzAnt way more appealing than competitor websites. Definitely worth a try to find a suitable tutor before spending out in other areas.

What do tutors and students think of WyzAnt? The following reviews gathered around the web give a fairly comprehensive view of how things are going.

The Student Experience

Student Review 1
“I found WyzAnt through a Google search when I was in desperate need of help in organic chemistry. I emailed several tutors through the site, still not exactly sure that I’d even get a response. Within hours I had heard from three tutors and I settled on a young lady named Sana. She was $40 per hour which trust me is a great deal in NYC, especially for an Ivy League educated medical professional who traveled to my neighborhood, Union Square, for no extra charge. It was very helpful to be able to speak with Sana before making any payments or commitments. When I was ready, I added a credit card to the website and after the lessons I got an email from WyzAnt with my lesson details and the amount charged to my card. The combination of the tutor selection, price, quality and simply payment mechanism makes WyzAnt a great choice if you need a tutor. I would highly recommend the company and its tutors.”

Student Review 2
“I used WyzAnt to search for a tutor and within a week I had set up my first session with a tutor. The profiles of tutors are so easy to read and the web site is very user friendly. Even when I wasn’t emailing tutors, tutors were emailing me giving their credentials and why they would be a good fit to tutor me. There is such a wide variety of
tutors for so many different subjects that I am sure to use WyzAnt for any of my other tutoring needs. I loved the package deal that came with pre-ordering credit from the website, as tutoring can get expensive it is nice to get a break anywhere you can, and WyzAnt definitely gives you the opportunity to save money and get extra credit for tutoring every which way you turn. The site also gives you tutors that are in your area, so finding a tutor that can meet at your home, or your college is as easy as 1 2 3. I loved using this website to search for a tutor and definitely suggest this site to anyone else who is looking for a tutor.”

The Tutor Experience

Tutor Review 1
I have been a tutor with WyzAnt in a major metropolitan area for a year, and I have worked at least 10-15 hours a week almost since the very beginning. So I feel I have enough experience to review the company from a tutor’s perspective.

First, the good:

1. WyzAnt offers tutors the ability to create a very detailed profile page that includes your picture, blog, videos, and detailed descriptions of the different subject areas you teach. They also include written testimonials from students. This means you don’t have to have a separate website to advertise your work. Plus, they market you aggressively – just do a Google search for “tutor” and you will see WyzAnt’s sponsored ads and very high position in Google search results.

2. You set your own rate and WyzAnt takes 40% at first, but as you get more and more hours, WyzAnt takes less and less of a cut. This is a great incentive to work your butt off and it feels really great to get a sudden pay increase after hitting 20 hours. Remember, if you are working 10 hours a week, it is not going to take long to get a pay increase. The pay increases schedule is as follows:

0-19 hours: you keep 60%
20-49 hours: you keep 65%
50-199 hours: you keep 70%
200-399 hours: you keep 75%
400 + hours: you keep 80%

The cut that WyzAnt takes may seem like a lot at first, but you get a lot of value for that price. I have my own website in addition to WyzAnt’s website, but I get almost no inquiries from that site and I get at least 4 or 5 inquiries each week from my WyzAnt’s profile.

3. WyzAnt makes sure that students submit billing information before they schedule a class, so you don’t get burned. Some on this site have complained that this scares students away, and I am sure it does, but if they are so easily scared by the reality of having to pay, then it’s probably best to let them go.

4. WyzAnt has recently improved the way they pay tutors, so you get your pay about five days after submitting the lesson, and you can get it by direct deposit.

Now, for the (very) bad:

1. WyzAnt does not make students pay in advance. So, if a student cancels 10 minutes before the lesson, or doesn’t show up at all, then you get nothing. Unless you charge the student for the class anyway, which is your right. However, you run into the next problem…

2. WyzAnt allows students to leave anonymous ratings for every lesson, even when the student is charged for cancelling at the last minute or not showing up at all. So if you charge the student for the no-show, don’t you think the student will retaliate by giving you the lowest rating possible? Of course!! Who wouldn’t do that if they were ticked off about being charged?!? I have talked to the company about this, and they really don’t care. Their response is, “Go ahead and charge the student.” If you say, “But won’t the student retaliate?” they will answer, “Maybe.” Thanks, WyzAnt, for caring.

3. Another problem with the anonymous review system is that students use it to get free hours from you or manipulate you into breaking your agreement with WyzAnt. I have had more than one student say that if I don’t charge them for the first lesson, or if I do some editing at home for free, or if I do their math homework and send it back to them (again, for free), then they will make sure they give me good ratings and testimonials. The unspoken message here is that getting a good rating from them depends on my willingness to give them my time for free. When this happens, you feel that even if you don’t want to make any deals with them, you still can’t charge them for your time, because they will retaliate. This kind of situation has happened to me a few times. I always tell the company about this and their response? “Go ahead and charge the student.” Uh, okay. Thanks, WyzAnt.

4. Can’t you just deal with this by refusing to work with the student? Not if you want to stay on as a WyzAnt tutor. There are numerous horror stories floating around by people who got canned because they turned students down. If you want to stop working with a student, you have to be VERY careful how you do it, because the company monitors email very closely. They have a bad reputation for suddenly and inexplicably terminating tutor accounts for little or no apparent cause. So, it’s best not to make this your only job.

5. Did I say that WyzAnt markets you aggressively? Well, that’s not all good. WyzAnt will take any information you put in your profile and sell it to other sites, who will post fake profiles for you on their sites, as if you made the choice to register. Don’t believe me? Check out Teach Street and you will see many WyzAnt tutors who probably don’t know they are there. You can tell because if you click on their “website” link it will go directly to their WyzAnt profile. I found myself on that site and a few other websites and demanded that they take my profile down, but they refused. Why not just enjoy the added publicity? Because some of these other sites look shady, and your association with them makes you look shady, too. Also, some of them have policies regarding student ratings and reviews that you may not like. For instance, anyone can register as a student on Teach Street and leave you any reviews they want – they don’t have to be your student. As a woman, this really creeps me out.

For me, the bad grossly outweighs the good, so I cannot recommend WyzAnt for people who are looking for a primary source of income. However, it is fine if you are only interested in working for about 10 hours a week, and you are okay with losing money on no-shows and late cancellations, and you are okay with the uncertainty of never knowing when WyzAnt will suddenly cut off this stream of income. Hey, until I can replace that 10 hours, I’m still working with them. (Or until I get canned. I’ll keep you posted.)

Tutor Review 2
“I am a Wyzant tutor and the experience has been great. So many whiners on here. If you feel 40% initially is too high, why not build your own site, manage it, market it, collect your fees, deal with charge backs and customer complaints, reply all the thousands of clients you will get, collect on bad checks….you get the message. We live in a society of whiners who will complain if they won a million dollars in the lottery.

Why would any parent be concerned about how much a tutor is getting paid? The client has already committed to paying that amount so who cares. I hope no whiners on here completed college because that would be so sad. With your degree you should be competent and resourceful enough to build your own tutoring company and pay tutors 100% while paying for marketing, payroll etc. Go ahead and try it.

I prepare for my lessons, tutor students in my local area through Wyzant, receive my earned income and love what I do. If I could build my own site I would have. Obviously I can’t that’s why I signed up with Wyzant and they’re great.”

Business to Business Spotlight on WyzAnt, Inc. is a platform where tutors and students meet, communicate, process payments and manage their ongoing tutoring relationships. They provide a number of tools to both tutors and students that allow them to meet in an efficient, secure manner. The site includes extensive quality controls to ensure the quality of the tutors and that they respond to all student inquiries quickly.

How Are They Different?
WyzAnt allows students and parents to freely search an extensive network of qualified, local tutors, review tutors credentials and certifications, and initiate a dialogue to determine which tutor will be best suited to meet their individual needs. Other companies may offer similar services, but no other organization has such a robust network of qualified educators accessible free of charge.

Why Could Wyzant, Inc Be BIG?
The tutoring industry within the United States is a multibillion dollar industry. As more parents turn to the internet to research educational options for their children, an established network of qualified tutors will position them well to take advantage of this lucrative market. Over the past 5 years, their own successful online marketing efforts and SEO strategies have allowed WyzAnt to grow from a 2-person startup to an 11-person multimillion dollar company without taking any financing along the way.

How Do WyzAnt Inc Plan To Make Money:
Most tutoring service providers function primarily as listing services, charging tutors and/or students a small fee to post an account or search their directory. WyzAnt actively facilitates the relationship between tutor and student from the time a student requests a tutor to the time lessons have been completed. WyzAnt is able to process all lesson transactions providing students with the freedom to choose a convenient method of payment while tutors are able to focus on providing excellent support with the security of knowing that they will be compensated for their time.

As can be seen, conceptually, WyzAnt is solid and meets a demonstrable need. It seems that there are positive and negative reviews depending on individual experience. Many people are very happy with the service while others are disgruntled. This is the normal experience of any business of this type.

Navigating the Health Insurance Maze with your College-Bound Teen

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Navigating the Health Insurance Maze with your College-Bound Teen

If you are in the process of securing a tutor for your high school teen, you’re probably also in the process of applying to colleges and sending them off to their next stage in life. While we often focus on financial aid, picking classes, etc., when we think about college, many parents don’t really consider what they plan to do about their child’s health insurance.  The fact of the matter is that almost all universities do not allow students to enroll in classes if they are not insured. As such, don’t delay on this front if you want their first semester to be free of technical problems like getting their account blocked because they have no health insurance. Here’s a rundown of your teen’s options and other things to consider:

  • 1.     Consider having your child stay on your health insurance plan till she’s 26.

Thanks to the new health reform law, children can stay on their parent’s health insurance plans until they are twenty-six years of age. If you have health insurance, this may be the easiest option. However, be aware that some insurance plans will not cover your child if she attends a school out-of-state. Even if the plan does cover your child in another state, be aware also that you may have to pay more for out-of-network health care providers.

  • 2.     Read the fine-print of school-sponsored health insurance plans.

School-sponsored health insurance plans have the advantage of being very easy to enroll in. When I was in college and didn’t know the first thing about health insurance, I merely ticked the box online accepting their plan. The school did the rest for me. While school-sponsored health-insurance served me well, it’s not the most economical selection (I found out later that it cost at least twice what another, more affordable option would have cost). Also, school-sponsored programs often have caps on how much the plan will cover, so if you’ve exceeded that limit by contracting a serious illness or having a serious injury, you might be stuck with very large hospital and doctor bills.

  • 3.     If your child will be involved in sports, be sure your insurance plan covers sports injuries.

Surprisingly enough, many insurance plans, even student plans, do not cover injuries resulting from participation in college sports. Especially if your child will be playing an NCAA sport that’s particularly physically demanding like football, it’s important that you are absolutely certain that all sports injuries as a result of playing the sport will be covered by the insurance plan.

  • 4.     Look into the benefits of student plans not sponsored by your child’s school.

Many insurance companies offer “student plans” that provide specific benefits for college students. The best thing about a student health plan is that it travels with you wherever your child goes, including if she decides to attend a university in a different state.

Acquiring health insurance will always be a complicated process, but it’s especially important to plan early for your college-bound teen. For more information on student health insurance, check out this ehealthinsurance resource.

Susan Wells is a freelance blogger whose primary interest is the insurance industry. After more than a decade working as a health insurance agent, she hopes to guide her readers in making the right decisions to receive the right coverage. You can read more of her writing on her blog at

Get yourself financial aid for your child’s educational needs

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Parent’s participation in children’s education is very significant be it financially or mentally, a child needs their parents for better outcomes in academics and every parent wants their child to have all the resources they need. But there may be times when you are having a financial crunch and don’t have enough funds to pay your child’s academics fees and you don’t want your child to lag behind because of your financial incapability. In some cases taking payday loans could be the best option for you in the short term.

To provide safety for your child’s future and educational needs in the long term you can opt for an educational insurance policy or loan. There are a number of government and non-government organizations which are providing education loans or insurance. Taking education insurance secures your child’s dream to work in any field in future without thinking of financial status. According to recent statics from the department of education and employment 17% of student leaves their education in middle because of insufficient funding to pay fees. Education insurance helps to manage the risk of your child’s education.

If you are too late to take insurance and you need urgent money for your child’s education you can go for other alternative education loan. As the cost of higher education is on high, it’s really difficult for some people to get higher education. To make that easier many government organizations and institutions are providing an education loan. Any student who is citizen of United Kingdom can apply for loan to fulfill educational and maintenance need. The loan provided is very helpful as the student only pay back the loan after the completion of course or when they start earning £15000 annually. Based on need of student there are two types of loan.

Loan for Tuition fees: The student is eligible for higher education loan in UK if he/she is doing an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree in teacher training. Tuition fee loan will pay either whole or some part of fee directly to the universities or colleges. Students who want to apply for this type of education loan must check your selected course qualifies for this loan.

Loan for Maintenance: An additional type of student educational loan offered to students in UK which provides the full maintenance costs. These loans can be used to cover accommodation charges, transport charges and cost of course materials or books in each term. The loan amount is credited into students bank account in three installments in starting of each term.

Author Bio:

My name is Michelle. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance. Catch me @financeport

The Current State of Special Education in America

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The history of special education began rather quietly after the end of World War II, when a number of organizations and parent-supported groups, including the American Association on Mental Deficiency, the United Cerebral Palsy Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, were formed in a response to the country’s lack of organized special needs programs in almost every school district. These grassroot initiatives and a number of relentless parents inspired a variety of changes, which eventually led to the current state of special education. The system isn’t perfect; there are several issues educators, students and parents alike face on a daily basis.


Bullying has been a hot button issue for parents, teachers and special education student over the last few years. Children with exceptionalities seem to remain one of the chief targets of their more aggressive peers, mostly because of the perceived differences in appearance, manner and abilities these children possess. The problem is rampant and becomes all the more evident when seen through the scope of facts, figures and statistics. Here are a staggering few to consider:

  • According to the National Autistic Society, 40 percent of children with autism and 60 percent of those with Asperger’s syndrome have faced bullying in the past.
  • A 2006 study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics noted that children with special needs, or those possessing behavioral, developmental or emotional issues, are targeted more often by bullies.
  • Children who possess ADHD, or other behavioral issues, are 10 times more likely to be the target of regular bullying by their peers.
  • A 2007 Mencap study found that nearly 80 percent of special needs children are bullied at school.

Currently, many school districts are working toward resolutions to stop the rampant plague of bullying that is occurring throughout the United States.

Lack of Funding

Several school districts across the United States are feeling the effects of budgetary shortfalls. In many instances, one of the first areas to feel the blade of the proverbial axe falling is special education. Many states are working toward creating budgets based on the number of special education students in particular school districts, instead of offering a proportionate level of funding, which is frequently the norm.

In particular, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill that would utilize a three-pronged system that classifies students based on the severity of their disability. If the bill is enacted into law, children with the most severe disabilities would ultimately receive additional funding. Unfortunately, changes of this magnitude are few and far between and many states are still struggling to meet the basic needs of several special education students.

The Need for Qualified Teachers

Aside from a lack of appropriate funding, several states are suffering through dramatic teaching shortages. Nowhere is this deficiency more apparent than in special education classrooms. The issue goes far beyond the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act and the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which has left many otherwise knowledgeable, passionate teachers without employment simply because they lack the necessary education and credentials. The inherent stress that’s involved with working as a special education professional, coupled with a lack of funding and underwhelming salary prospects, has led many teachers to shy away from this specialty. According to the National Association of State Directors of Special Education, nearly 98 percent of school districts list the need to recruit and retain special education teachers as a top priority.

The Role of Charter Schools

As public school classrooms become increasingly claustrophobic, many students, parents and educators are looking to charter schools to offer a more innovative, effective learning environment. Unfortunately, many of these same schools that were initially created to provide an alternative for parents aren’t enrolling nearly as many special needs children. Many critics believe that charter schools are refusing special education students to simply keep the budget under control and raise test scores. Many believe the admissions gap between charter and traditional public schools is great enough to warrant an investigation, which could become a reality in the near future.

If you’ve currently earned your Masters in special education degree and are concerned about the rigors associated with obtaining a teaching certificate, consider taking this crucial test online. Gaining your online teaching certification allows you to seek gainful employment in the field, without leaving the comforts of home.

This article was written by Alex Phelps who holds his degree in Special Education and is currently studying to become a board certified behavior analyst. Inspired by his brother and hero Jeff, it is Alex’s dream to work with children dealing with autism.