The Top 5 Medical Schools in the US

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Medical schools are tough places. Not only is the education very intensive and impressive, and sometimes hard to digest, but the competition level amongst students is very high. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. In fact, it takes a rare breed of person to go after a medical degree and rise in the ranks of the medical profession. The person needs to take their studies seriously, be very smart, very dedicated and very driven. They need to handle stress very well, be dedicated to their job first and foremost and must have a big ego, as well as a streak of perfectionism. The life of a medical professional is indeed a hard and demanding life, and any student getting ready to enter that field- or is even just about it- must be prepared for all that comes with it. Medical school is a tough place to get into to- not to mention expensive- and it may even be a tougher place to finish once you get accepted into it. Here are some of the best medical schools in the country, according to studies that have been done by U.S. News, which conducts a study of medical schools every year based on MCAT scores, GPA, acceptance rate at the college, the student to faculty ratio and the grants that the school receives, in order to measure which schools are the best research facilities in the medical education world.


1. Harvard University (Boston, MA)

As if Harvard is not on the top of pretty much every list involving education, it is also on the top of the medical school list as the best research school in the country, and perhaps even the world. It is also one of the most expensive medical schools in the country- as it ranks in the top 10 in that category- but, it is worth it when you have a school that is as good as Harvard University.

(tied) 2. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

This is another very prestigious school on the list, and perhaps the most famous medical school in the entire country, if not the entire world. The school is slightly less expensive than Harvard, which beat it out for the top spot, but is much smaller and much more competitive because of that.

(tied) 2. University of Pennsylvania Perelmen- Philadelphia, PA

Tying with Johns Hopkins is a surprise on this list for anyone with just a cursory knowledge of medical schools. We all probably expected Harvard and Johns Hopkins, but very few probably expected the University of Pennsylvania to make it onto this prestigious list.

4. Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

Yet another hot shot school on the list. Stanford is known for all-around academic excellence, and its medical program is no different.

5. University of California- San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

UCSF is another sleeper to make it onto the list, and it is one of the cheapest schools on the entire top 10 list- being almost half of what the other ones are.

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an education carnival – May 8, 2012

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Welcome to the May 8, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

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Using a Private Tutor

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Why a private tutor?

Students that are enrolled in school today are subjected to teachers who are teaching under a burden of persistent change. Today’s teachers are under immense pressure to attain target goals and fill in all check boxes on necessary paper that accompanies teaching.

Something that most people overlook is that teachers have lives too, and when they become too encumbered the circumstances have to change. The unfortunate thing is that many times the quality of the education is what suffers as the ability to provide sufficient attention to each student declines. It has become an increasingly important problem as many schools around the world are becoming overcrowded; thus meaning more children per teacher. The best way to gain the extra learning attention that is needed is through the use of a private tutor.

What does a private tutor offer?


private tutor

has many advantages for the student. First, the student is offered a better place to learn that is away from the large group of peers; meaning the student can pay closer attention to the material being taught. The time spent with the tutor will be beneficial because it will offer the student additional study and learning opportunities. This will help the student more effectively learn the material and also more likely to remember the information.

A private tutor can also offer a new, outside perspective which can provide new information on subjects. This will also have benefits for the student because it will allow him or her more time for added information and development of the student’s own reasoning abilities in reference to the subject.

In addition, a

private tutor

should be able to describe the relevance of the learning material to the real world based on his or her own experiences. This fact alone should be enough to encourage both enthusiasm and interest to the student for learning the subject; the student will feel as if he or she has a private expert to learn from. This eagerness to learn will make learning much easier for everyone!

Reasons to use a private tutor

There are many reasons to use a private tutor; however, first it is important to understand your objectives, or what you hope to gain from the use of a tutor. Commonly, many

parents hire tutors

to help their children for many reasons.

A common reason for using a tutor is to reinforce and build knowledge to pass upcoming exams, or to just improve the overall grades on the exam. A tutor can also be used to help build the confidence in the student that he or she can pass an exam. Probably the most important reason to use a tutor is to gain understanding of a subject. For example, there are many people who are not good at math. When you couple someone not good at math with a teacher responsible for too many students the result is usually not good. Therefore, a

private tutor

is the perfect solution.

Some reasons may be even more refined, such as helping to prepare for a college or university interview. In this case, the tutor can help set-up a “mock interview” session and discuss suitable answers for important interview areas.

Setting an objective is very important because it will govern the style and approach the tutor has on the student. The approach will also be governed by the level the student studies at. For example, a lower level (grade school) would require more generalized basic facts and so on. On the other hand, higher level students must demonstrate an ability to reason more with the facts. They must also use the information to pass exam questions, analyze and argue points of view, draw conclusions from information, and so on.

Too many times, individual learning needs get overlooked because of large class sizes. These students are then also pushed to raise the average class grade and develop key traits. However, when the class sizes are too large and individual learning needs are not met, students cannot reach the best of their abilities or potential.

It is important to discuss your expected objectives upfront with the tutor and the pupil so everyone is on the same page and understands the objectives clearly.

Briefing the tutor

An important part of ensuring the success of the tutoring session it is important to discuss several things with the tutor. This discussion will also start by helping you know if the tutor is the right one for you or not. You will also want to be sure and explain specific challenges the student may be facing both educationally and personally. This information can help the tutor find ways to connect to the student. Furthermore, it can let help the tutor understand what is going on with the student; for example, family problems can affect concentration, motivation, and the ability to absorb information. In this case, it may be necessary for the tutor to find additional methods to teach.

How do you know if the sessions are working?

It may take several sessions to know if they are working because it will take more than one session to establish as student and tutor relationship. However, the student should at least know after a couple how he or she feels. If after a couple appointments the student is not enjoying the sessions or feeling an improved confidence in his or her ability to answer questions and overall subject knowledge, it is probably a good time to talk to the tutor. You may even find it necessary to find a new tutor who better suits your individual needs.

In this case, a

good tutor

will have detected these comfort issues and brought the matter up with someone. At this point everyone will discuss whether or not they want to go further with the relationship. In any case, you will find that a private tutor can do wonders for a student’s grades. They are able to provide the much needed additional help that many students are missing out on due to overcrowded classrooms.

Preparation for a job interview

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When applying for any job, the one thing one must do is find ways to stand out in the interview. The competitive global market makes this imperative. So, how do you do this? Well, read on for some simple to follow tips that can get you the job of your dreams.

Once you get an interview, usually over the phone or email, the first thing to do is reply. We are always polite over the phone, but email communication can be tricky. Treat this mail as your first impression on your employer before he meets you in person. Make the reply brief but informative. It may be pretty embarrassing if you leave out necessary details in the reply and the employer company has to follow up with another mail asking for the same. Write the mail using a professional tone, and sign using a ‘thanks’ or ‘thanking you’. It is most vital to proofread each and every formal mail that you send out of your mailbox, so it may be wise to incorporate a habit of doing so. For jobs such as marketing consultants, public relations, etc where the written word communication is optimal knowing how to write formal mails is a must.

Most companies pick interview dates and times according to their own convenience, but there are still companies that ask the candidate to pick a time. In this case, be sure to schedule your interview for as early in the day as possible. This is the best trick in the book. Most interviewers schedule quite a few interviews on one day, this means that by the time they are through with 10 or so at least some positions are filled. Plus, interviewers might also feel tired and want to finish up quickly without giving you the time needed to showcase your potential. Being among the first few candidates to walk through the door can be a real advantage. Also, make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview time. Punctuality is highly appreciated in business set-ups, and will not go unnoticed.

We always aspire to work with the best company in our career field, but do we always take the efforts to learn everything there is to know about the company beforehand. Knowing the enterprise and its business inside out can give you the confidence boost you need to prepare for the interview. You can research the company online or through media news. Make sure that you pay attention to details such as project names, names of the owner or chief executives, the size of the business, company motto and goals, etc. This can help you shine in your interview. Employers often prefer candidates that show interest and know-how about the business and company.

The terms ‘dress for success’ or ‘look the part’ may sound cliché, but are great techniques used in all market circles to make the right impression. In view of the fact that the interview is your only chance to make a first impression, use dressing as a tool. Your outfit should correspond to the industry you wish to enter. Standing out through your personality is definitely a good thing, but do not try to do the same by dressing to shock. Wear something that will make you fit in. A good formal suit in a dull color is always a good choice. Choose a tie that matches and is understated. If you do not have anything that fits the description in your wardrobe, go shopping for one. After all, if you are trying to get your break into the industry of your choice this might be a good investment. In fact, buy at least a couple. Just in case of a second interview.

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6 Study Tips When Memorization Is the Name of the Game

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There comes a time in everyone’s academic career when, despite everything we’ve heard to the contrary, the ability to memorize will be essential to acing a test. Even though you can’t learn everything by memorizing, there are times when you simply have to learn a large amount of information in a short amount of time, or when there are particular facts that need to be remembered as part of a conceptual understanding. For anyone who is trying to find the best ways to memorize information, these tips should provide some insight into a few ideas to get you going:

1. Mnemonic devices.

Mnemonic devices have long been the go-to for memorizing long lists of facts, especially those that need to be remembered in order. Simply look at the first letter of each word in a list. Assign a different, memorable word to represent that fact and then move on down the list, assigning a new word to each fact. Create your own sentence that is easy for you to remember.

2. Study right before bed.

The best way to make sure you soak up every little drop of knowledge before a test is to go over your study materials right before you drift off to sleep. Your brain will process the information as you sleep and make further synapse connections.

3. Quiz yourself.

A great way to practice test-taking and to check on how well you have memorized important information is to quiz yourself. Use an example test or quiz and complete it on your own, without looking at your notes or textbook. Or you can make your own quiz. You will learn even more completely by formulating your own questions using study materials and then answering them without help.

4. Repeat to perfection.

When in doubt, just repeat. That should be every student’s motto when it comes to memorization. You can never go over your study materials too many times. In fact, you will want to have memorized them so completely that the answers become second nature. Besides, we want to be able to focus on the more conceptual parts of the tests instead of concentrating so hard to remember what we’ve memorized.

5. Write it out.

When you think you have everything memorized, the best thing to do is see if you can write out every single fact that you will need to know. Write everything out on a sheet of paper and then check to see how you did. Go back and repeat any facts you missed or wrote down incorrectly.

6. Focus on the basics first.

Instead of worrying about the tiniest of details when preparing for a test, it is much better for your mind and sanity to focus on the most important concepts first and then wind your way down to the small details. For example, maybe there are three primary schools of thought that you learned about for this test. Make sure you know what each school of thought is before you try to memorize the names of the scientists who contributed to each.

Aniya Wells particularly loves reading and writing about online education, although her interests span different niches as well, including personal finance, parenting, sustainable living, and more. Accredited online degree programs are hard to find in the online morass of scams, so Aniya’s ultimate goal is to help her readers figure out the maze of online education. She can be reached for questions or comments at

3 Ways a College Writing Tutor Can Help

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As a college student, you’re expected to do quite a bit of writing. Even if you’re majoring in one of the STEM subjects, you’ll still be expected to churn out papers that detail your project findings. Additionally, you’ll be expected to write more than a few papers for your required liberal arts core classes. Unfortunately, the kind of writing you did in high school won’t always satisfy your college professors. College professors are quick to assert that today’s college students, for the most part, aren’t ready for the rigorous writing required of them.

If you’re having some trouble keeping up with your papers and performing as well as you’d like on your writing assignments, you might be considering working with a writing tutor. A writing tutor can help you develop the skills you need to become a more successful and confident writer. Specifically, here are three ways a writing tutor will be able to help you out:

1. He or she will help you find your voice

The most competent writers don’t necessarily write like textbooks writers. They have their own unique voices that are interesting, insightful, and clear. A writing tutor will be able to help you develop your own voice and confidently express your unique thoughts and beliefs on paper. Learning to be a good writer involves so much more than just learning the rules of grammar and how to structure your essays. The best writers know how to analyze their own ideas and present those ideas in a thought-provoking way to their audience. A writing tutor will help you reach your audience and communicate your smart ideas well.

2. The right writing tutor will make writing less intimidating

The task of writing can seem daunting, especially if don’t feel completely confident in your writing abilities. A writing tutor will be able to help guide you through the process of overcoming your fears as a writer. Good writing is something you learn by doing. This means that you’ll need to make a few mistakes along the way to becoming a better writer. A tutor will help you identify the mistakes you’re making, learn from them, and ultimately grow in your abilities. Once you’ve grown as a writer, the act of writing will be a lot less intimidating.

3. Your writing tutor can help you boost your GPA

As previously mentioned, writing will be an important part of your college career, no matter what your major happens to be. Meeting with a tutor to build your writing skills will positively affect your performance in many of your classes. As a result, you’ll probably end up with a higher overall GPA, and you’ll likely have an easier time keeping your GPA up throughout your college career. The writing skills your tutor equips you with will serve you well and take you far!

As you can tell, a writing tutor can help you out in a number of ways. So, if you want to improve as a writer, don’t hesitate to look into your tutoring options!

Nancy Wood is a former educator, freelance writer, and blogging enthusiast who writes for and other e-learning related sites. Please feel free to leave comments for Nancy below. She loves hearing from her readers!

Essay Databases As a Helpful Learning Tool

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Essay databases can help you achieve top grades. Are you feeling disappointed because of your poor grades? Do you feel what you get is not what you expect? What are you waiting for? The top online essay databases are right there. One of them is but there are many more available online. You will soon realize that this is a great learning tool. Apart of delivering your essay on time, you will be able to properly learn from samples of papers. This is definitely a new learning method.

Top-notch writing

As you may know, writing is part of our lives. Just in case you didn’t know, several online databases are at your disposal. You can walk towards the writing road without a single issue. You can easily find the top-notch custom writing companies or you can always go for online databases of sample essays. You will soon notice that this is an incredibly valuable tool in terms of new knowledge. Students can benefit no matter their academic level.
Whether you need a basic essay or a specific paper, you can find exactly what your teacher requests. Some online platforms require students to sign up. You can easily log in to have access to the best quality essays now!

No inspiration?

You have no ideas to begin writing your essay? This is not a problem. You can find the best online sources to get a good quality essay. Apart of delivering what you need on time, you will be able to learn how to write an essay. It is all about following guidelines. You can learn references and even find quotations for free.
If you need to deliver an admission essay, for instance, get ready to find the best databases that will help immensely. You can find all sorts of topics such as:

- Literature & Language
- Math
- Science
- Philosophy
- Economics
- Politics
- Health & Medicine
- More

There are no excuses so try to find the best options today. You will soon realize that you are enjoying writing tasks. You can find an essay online and then work on your own. This shouldn’t become a habit! You need to learn from it so make smart choices. Your academic performance will soon be raised.

Top papers

You can browse through the top uploaded papers. Some platforms invite students to upload their own work in exchange of a new one. You can simply find essays through the recent uploaded ones, too! The categories are just optimal so you will not struggle.

Essays by subject

Imagine how easy it is to find an essay by subject! Don’t waste a single minute. You will find infinite topics without struggling at all. Get ready to get onto the online essay databases world. This is huge and is taking over!
Author Bio. Steve enjoys working for, a professional company where each student can buy research papers online and use them as a model for their own work.

College Essay Writing – Outsource Your Workload, Free Up Your Time

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A college essay writing service can be so handy. Ready-made essay papers for sale are even more useful. There’s no point in wasting nights and destroying your health in the process. You can have someone else do the hard and repetitive work. You should focus instead on doing the most important and fun activities.

Here’s how and why a college essay writing service can help you do more with less:

#1: It takes 80% of your time to write the paper and just 20% to edit it and research it.

Finding the required information for writing your essays and papers is not that difficult. And if you know what you are doing, it doesn’t take too much time. The real issue is in writing the actual paper.

When people use instant messaging software like Yahoo! Messenger or Msn Messenger, they write with a speed of about 40 to 60 words per minute. To properly write your college essays, you need to write with about 20 or at most 30 words per minute. That’s because you have to think it through. You have to juggle ideas in your head. You can’t really focus on the keyboard so you can write at your top speed. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and time yourself.

A college paper of 10 pages will contain around 3500 words and to write the actual 3500 words, you will need at least 3 hours. That’s because you can’t really type 3 full hours. You have to take a couple of breaks in between. This doesn’t include the research, the editing process and the act of adding the references.

#2: Everyone has only 24 hours in a day.

I have only 24 hours. You have only 24 hours. Your teachers have no more hours than you do. Of course, your teacher doesn’t really empathise with this essential fact. It takes him 5 minutes to ask for 1 more paper that takes you 4 or 5 hours to write it. That’s almost one full evening if you go to classes in the morning.

#3: Focus your energies.

Focus your energies at their highest point. Don’t let them scatter. When you focus your energies on the most important thing, you have the highest chance of success. In war, there’s the principle of concentrated forces. Armies that use all of their resources to attack the weakest point of the enemy win most often.

#4: College teachers want to make you work like a worker, not like a business person.

College can teach you wonderful things. Besides technical skills, from college you can also pick up the idea that there are smarter people than you and you should obey them. People who obey others do only the most basic work. They have nothing of their own.

Teachers encourage this worker mentality through subtle and not so subtle ways. One of the most subtle ways is to give you too much useless work to do all the time so you don’t have time to think and analyze things globally.

#5: Reduce your workload by at least 50% and have a social life, too.

Some adults say that you shouldn’t have a social life during college. Others, tell you the opposite. What’s the real truth? You should do both. You should do your best to learn everything you need to know. You should also learn the technical, more practical, marketable skills that pay dividends in the future. But you should also have a lot of fun because life is short, the college years are short and you will surely regret it later in life if you don’t do it.

College essay writing can come really handy. Many students study the same subjects, this is why you can find plenty of essay papers for sale on a high variety of subjects. Don’t hesitate to eliminate the work that doesn’t matter. Focus on what matters and on learning the actual things, not on aimlessly typing sentences just because they need to be typed.

Top 3 Electives Every Student Should Take

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LibraryYou might think that the best approach to mastering college is to cram in only the classes you need—math, science, etc.—and work, work, work, nonstop! Four years is sort of a long time, though, and even the brightest student can burn themselves out. Don’t be afraid to take a class that isn’t necessarily a requirement for your major or minor; you may discover that it was one of the best decisions you could make! Here are the three electives that every student should make room for in their schedule.

1.) Drama/Acting/Theater

Even the most outgoing person can find themselves shy and reticent when they go to college. There are thousands of new faces, professors, classes, buildings—it’s overwhelming!

Taking an acting class is perfect to remedy this! You’re almost forced to come out of your shell as you participate in activities and exercises that simultaneously have you interacting with people you don’t know. That means you’re making tons of new friends while you’re having fun, in addition to gaining comfort in your new scholastic home! These electives are stimulating both physically and mentally, and they give you a chance to express yourself, sometimes in a crazy and untraditional way.

2.) Dance

Finding time to exercise while you’re in college is super tough; but there’s an easy way to incorporate it into your regular schedule AND receive credit for it: Take a dance class!

Many colleges offer all kinds of styles of dance—from the more traditional tap, jazz, and ballet, to African, hula, and swing! Like acting classes, you’re having fun with new friends and warming up to your unfamiliar surrounds. AND you’re doing your body a huge favor. It’s a win-win-win, so get up and dance, people!

3.) Art

Taking an art class will most likely have a different impact on you: This one is about creating a little more “you” time, which—believe it or not—you WILL need in college. Campuses are noisy, busy, and chaotic. You’re constantly on the move and will undoubtedly be exhausted much of the time. An art class—like painting or sculpting—gives you the chance to slow down and relax.

As cheesy as it may sound, it IS important to express yourself. College may sometimes feel like all work and no play. On bigger campuses, it’s easy to get lost and feel like merely a number. A therapeutic art class is good for the mind and soul and gives you a chance to take the thoughts in your head and turn them into a beautiful and meaningful creation.

There are a lot of challenges in college—getting the grades you need, joining extracurricular activities…You know another challenge? Paying enough attention to yourself! Amidst all of the calculus and geometry and English classes, do something for YOU! Take a fun elective that’ll keep you in tip-top shape—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Gloria Pickett writes for education blogs where you can learn more about Top Nursing Programs.

Becoming A Teacher

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Teachers help to shape the minds of the most precious individuals in our lives. If you have a desire to become a teacher, you really are taking on a profession for which there is considerable passion. You are going to be responsible for bringing up the next generation of individuals who are eventually going to be responsible for you. Of course, there are many different disciplines that are available in the teaching profession which is why you should choose your teaching degree programs very carefully (Source: Teaching Degree Programs From SearchByDegree). For example, those who are interested in teaching very young children can look to early education degree programs that will help them to get the specific education that they need. There are also programs available for teaching children of almost any age, as well as for teaching those who may have some specific special needs which should be considered.

Once you are a teacher, you are going to need to continue to grow in your teaching abilities. This may mean going in for additional education or perhaps just continuing to find ways to motivate your students and to guide them through the difficulties that they are going to face. As a teacher, it is likely that you are going to interact with dozens if not hundreds of students on a daily basis. If you truly have a love for the profession and are willing to set up a structure that is necessary to promote a good learning environment, you will find that you are going far and that the students in your classroom are going far as well.

Need an Affordable Private Tutor in Texas? Look for College Students in the State’s Top Universities

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Finding a good private tutor for your high school or grade school child can be tough. You’ve probably read through hundreds of advertisements, or perhaps you’ve gone to some of the bigger tutoring companies, like Kaplan and Princeton Review, and asked for help. In my experience, most of the big test prep companies are extremely overpriced, and the quality of their tutors is not significantly better than those who tutor freelance.

In fact, I would argue that freelance tutors, those you find through sites like WyzAnt tend to be more dynamic, simply because they haven’t been trained by a company to follow one exclusive tutoring method. If you want to find a good tutor for your child in Texas, look for ads from student tutors who attend the following universities, all of which are renowned for their intelligent student population:

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin is the largest university in the state of Texas, but notwithstanding the large student body, almost every student attending comes from an academic background of high standards. If you live in the Austin area, be sure to look for tutors who attend UT-Austin. The university offers a wide array of majors, so there’s no shortage of students who are experts in a particular subject that your child may need help with.

Rice University

Dubbed the “Harvard of the South,” Rice University is the top ranked, most selective college in the state of Texas. A small private university located in the heart of Houston, Rice is particularly renowned for its programs in engineering and architecture. If you live in the Houston area, you can’t go wrong finding a tutor who attends this prestigious university, especially in math and science.

Trinity University

Trinity University is a small liberal arts college located in Midtown, San Antonio. U.S. News and World Report ranked it first in the publication’s “Regional Rankings” in the “West” region in 2012. All students attending Trinity must take on rigorous classes in different fields of study in addition to choosing a major, so you can be sure that any tutor from Trinity will be well-rounded and able to tutor various subjects proficiently.

Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is another highly selective institution located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that would be a good source of tutors for your children if you reside in north Texas. TCU is comprised of thousands of students who also must undergo a rigorous liberal arts curriculum in addition to their respective majors. The university places special emphasis on the development of writing, communications, and critical thinking skills. If your child needs a tutor to improve these skills, a TCU student tutor would be just the right match for you.

Of course, there are many other universities in the great state of Texas whose students would make excellent tutors for your children. Great places to look for tutors besides WyzAnt are the classifieds of university and local newspapers and university-related message boards. Good luck!

Pepper Givens is a freelance writer whose foremost passion is writing for her blog about education. While her primary writing focus is trends in higher ed, Pepper also enjoys writing about personal finance, parenting, sustainable living, small business strategies, and more. She can be reached for questions or comments at