The Top 5 Medical Schools in the US

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Medical schools are tough places. Not only is the education very intensive and impressive, and sometimes hard to digest, but the competition level amongst students is very high. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. In fact, it takes a rare breed of person to go after a medical degree and rise in the ranks of the medical profession. The person needs to take their studies seriously, be very smart, very dedicated and very driven. They need to handle stress very well, be dedicated to their job first and foremost and must have a big ego, as well as a streak of perfectionism. The life of a medical professional is indeed a hard and demanding life, and any student getting ready to enter that field- or is even just about it- must be prepared for all that comes with it. Medical school is a tough place to get into to- not to mention expensive- and it may even be a tougher place to finish once you get accepted into it. Here are some of the best medical schools in the country, according to studies that have been done by U.S. News, which conducts a study of medical schools every year based on MCAT scores, GPA, acceptance rate at the college, the student to faculty ratio and the grants that the school receives, in order to measure which schools are the best research facilities in the medical education world.


1. Harvard University (Boston, MA)

As if Harvard is not on the top of pretty much every list involving education, it is also on the top of the medical school list as the best research school in the country, and perhaps even the world. It is also one of the most expensive medical schools in the country- as it ranks in the top 10 in that category- but, it is worth it when you have a school that is as good as Harvard University.

(tied) 2. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

This is another very prestigious school on the list, and perhaps the most famous medical school in the entire country, if not the entire world. The school is slightly less expensive than Harvard, which beat it out for the top spot, but is much smaller and much more competitive because of that.

(tied) 2. University of Pennsylvania Perelmen- Philadelphia, PA

Tying with Johns Hopkins is a surprise on this list for anyone with just a cursory knowledge of medical schools. We all probably expected Harvard and Johns Hopkins, but very few probably expected the University of Pennsylvania to make it onto this prestigious list.

4. Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

Yet another hot shot school on the list. Stanford is known for all-around academic excellence, and its medical program is no different.

5. University of California- San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

UCSF is another sleeper to make it onto the list, and it is one of the cheapest schools on the entire top 10 list- being almost half of what the other ones are.

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an education blog carnival – October 31, 2012

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Welcome to the October 31, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

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an education blog carnival – April 17, 2012

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Welcome to the April 17, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

Maryanne Williams presents 10 Reasons Kids Should Be Online at an Early Age posted at Share a Nanny, saying, “Much has been made of the potentially hazardous landscape for children that is the internet, and rightly so. Parents do need to be concerned about how their children make use of this valuable tool, and a valuable tool it surely is.”

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Laura Edgar presents NerdWallet Launches a Financial Literacy Orientation posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “”In celebration of April as National Financial Literacy Month, NerdWallet is releasing their Financial Literacy Orientation. This program helps students, young adults, and anyone interested in improving their financial literacy build the necessary skills to effectively manage their money.””

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Success in the Classroom

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Strategies for improving education in the classroom are found all around the web, but not all strategies are the same. Students need teachers who are able to prepare clear lesson plans and deliver curriculum material in such a way that students with a variety of learning styles are still able to learn material necessary for meeting state and local requirements. Success in the classroom is not only a matter of creativity, but also a matter of proven scientific methods. The methods should be applied in the most creative manner possible. Finding effective methods for literacy in the urban school setting have five basic steps to follow.

In the urban setting, effective methods start with first evaluating the needs of the students within the setting. This is teaching with the context in mind. Next, the practices and theoretical framework has to be underlined and shown to be effective in studies. After these two steps, the literacy methods have to be isolated and implemented. Next, there has to be a formal and consistent way to evaluate the outcome. Finally, the advice on changes should be appropriated. This is the methodology behind literacy programs as discussed by the team of Scott, Teale, Carry, Johnson, and Morgan in a 2009 article for International Reading Association’s “The Reading Teacher”. It was explained that the urban setting presents very clear yet complex problems that must be addressed methodically. As these basic methodical ideas address the primary grades, there are ideas that present solutions at the secondary level.

Boling and Evans (2008), present the idea of Scaffolded Reading in their research which is designed to establish a purpose for reading and then activate a student’s prior knowledge of a specific topic. There is a pre-reading strategy, during reading strategy, and an after reading strategy. The pre-reading strategy is summed up by listing grouping and labeling. Each helps the student categorize information or lean from the text. During the reading the student is challenged to visualize, understand structure, and self-regulate. The after reading strategy is used to bring it all together through writing a summary, which includes a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing statement. This method is not unusual in the urban context but is mostly found in the suburban areas.

Reading and literacy are the forefront of success in the classroom because it deals very specifically with comprehension. If a student is unable to get a full grasp of any material, they are more likely to fail. Reading and math are the most core and fundamental subject matter that have to be understood and built upon early. Successful teachers will be able to use Scaffolded Reading and other basic literacy methods to address learning challenges that student will face throughout their learning process. It is important to revisit ideas and make adjustments accordingly. As Scffolded Reading dictates, students become more independent in their thinking and will be able to more accurately define the text they are reading.

The new teaching paradigm is one that offers more challenges than answers to the educator as well as new frustrations for the learning adolescent. Being prepared with an understanding of each individual’s special needs and abilities will enhance any good strategy or method. Careful observation must be made by the instructor and they must also be ready to give good feedback to parents and administration on legitimate progress or setbacks. Success is not the enemy of enthusiasm, but the fuel by which students will be motivated to go on.


This article was written by Jorgen Rex Olson for the team at They can help you gain experience in your field with continuing education programs.

an education blog carnival – July 4, 2012

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Welcome to the July 4, 2012 edition of an education carnival.

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How to Better Your Chances at Getting Into Your Dream College

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Getting into college is a daunting task for any high school senior; however adequately preparing yourself ahead of time can ease some of the stress that accompanies applying for admission. One of the biggest deterrents to getting into your dream school is procrastinating preparing for admissions’ applications and essays, leaving your resume full of holes instead of showcasing your talents. The trick to bettering your chances at getting into your dream school is doing everything in your power to be prepared ahead of time and padding your resume with plenty of extras that showcase your strengths. You can help your cause by:

  1. 1.     Getting involved in extracurricular activities. Being able to show prospective colleges that you have interests outside of the classroom and that you are able to balance those interests with your schoolwork makes you a more attractive option. Colleges want students who are well-rounded and well-adjusted, and also who are able to delegate their time effectively. Engaging in extracurricular activities shows you have drive and determination.
  2. 2.     Volunteering. Like with extracurricular activities, volunteering showcases some of your best assets. With so many people applying to college at the same time you need to be able to stand out in the crowd, and showing that you are selfless and dedicated to helping others can do just that.
  3. 3.     Asking for letters of recommendation. Having two or three glowing letters of recommendation from different authority figures in your life can pad your chances of getting into your dream school.  These letters supplement the information that you’re already providing to the college through you resume and admissions’ application, and show the college that the information you’re providing them is valid. Resumes and applications can be deceiving, and having a trusted source back up what you’re telling the college can be the difference between getting accepted and getting rejected.
  4. 4.     Keeping up with the college throughout the year. Social media has made it easy for people to keep up with their favorite schools, as colleges are posting exhaustive information regarding the school on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Keeping up to date with what’s happening on campus can give you an edge on the competition during your college interviews, as you’ll be able to knowledgeably discuss current school events with your interviewer. It also shows how interested you really are in being a part of the school.
  5. 5.     Don’t forget your grades. As you try to keep up with all of the other facets of getting into a good college, it can be easy to let one of the most important things slip out of focus: your grades. Supplementing your resume is a great practice to employ, but you can’t let it take up so much of your time that your grades suffer in the process.

By adequately preparing yourself in all aspects of your life for college admissions you will vastly increase your chances of getting into your dream college. Make sure to get involved outside of school in addition to maintaining good grades to show your dream school that you are serious and motivated.


Author Byline:

Kelsey  is the editor in chief for findananny. She loves to write article and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through  online nanny finder. She is a professional writer & loves writing on anything.

Ways to make learning fun

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You want to make sure that the students in your class are learning, but you don’t want to stifle their imaginations or make them feel as if learning is all work and no play. You already know that education is about more than just books. Act on that knowledge and have your kids get up, get out and get involved. Before you know it, they’ll be learning more than they ever have and enjoying the process!

Get up!

Start revolutionizing learning in your own classroom – give students the chance to learn kinesthetically. Study after study has shown that kids learn better when they’re moving their hands. To get your students up and moving, consider using learning stations that children rotate through at designated times. You can create a spelling station where children sort through plastic letters to spell vocabulary words or a math station where they use counters to work through problems. Using a large roll of paper and washable markers, you can create an art station, too. Remember, learning stations don’t have to be expensive to be effective; they just have to allow children to see, touch, feel and control their educational materials.

Get out!

You can begin by making learning fun in the classroom, but students like to get out and explore the world around them. Educational field trips allow you to teach kids to learn independently, outside of school.

When you’re planning a field trip, assess your students’ interests. Do they perk up during history class? If so, design an outing to a historical destination. Many such locations will feature a cultural component as well, like the Chickasaw Nation Cultural Center, in south-central Oklahoma. Museums can be great places to learn, too. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, for example, and its Dinosphere exhibit houses the world’s third-most-complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil. Wherever you live, be adventurous and find the field trip location that will allow your students to practice hands-on learning in the real world.

Get involved!

Learning starts at school, but it should continue at home. Help your students create resources that will expand interactive learning into the home. If you want your kids to practice geography, have them cut out paper maps of the states, country or even the continents. You can laminate these maps and send them home with your students. Then, they can work with their parents to find the locations of current events, learn the names of all 50 states or even memorize state capitals. If you provide the right resources and instructions, interactive learning can become a way of life for your students, at school and at home.

Put it all together

You know that kids learn best when they’re actively engaged in hands-on activities. Now, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice. Get your kids up and moving in the classroom, out and exploring in the real world and involved and active at home. Your students will learn the material, but they’ll also discover independence and excitement along the way.

Make your Child Acquire Mathematical Skills through a Math Tutoring Program

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Have you seen your child taking too much time in completing his school math assignments? Is he/she ending up with poor grades in math at the end of the year? Well, mathematics is a complex subject that needs to be understood with interest and patience. There might be several factors behind your child’s frustration for this subject, and one of them might be lack of proper guidance. Many parents make the blunder to wait for a certain time period till their child becomes frustrated and shows unwillingness towards the subject. Well, if you have committed a similar blunder, why don’t you go for online math tutoring?

Once you step into the online world, you will come across ample math tutoring programs offered to people of all ages. However, it’s true that all these programs are not worthy for your child. Moreover, he/she might not be able to grasp the lessons by simply giving a glance. So, you should rather look for some trained professional who has been offering math lessons to students of all ages. In fact, this will be a huge advantage for your child. Even if he fails to grasp a specific chapter in school, the online math tutor with the help of his skills and tricks will make your child understand the sums with ease and convenience.

In today’s world, the majority of parents plan to make their child receive education right from their very own homes. For this, they look for trained online math tutors who can prepare their child with sheer perfection. Now, if you are one of them looking for a good online math tutor, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Look for a real teacher – There is probably no one except a real teacher who can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child. If he is trained, it will take almost no time to test your son’s fundamental knowledge on mathematics. So, choose an experienced teacher having a graduate or a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

  • Focusing on individual lessons – There are several online math tutors who prefer to teach their own lessons and simply ignore the ones taught at school. Avoid them and rather make sure that the online math tutor you are hiring for your child gives time on the individualized school lessons.

  • Interacting with your child – Mathematics is an interesting subject that needs to be taught with interest and excitement. Taking an entire exercise and solving it for hours will not do. The teacher should rather get into interactions to ensure whether each and every sum taught in a particular class has been understood properly. Therefore, one should take tests and conduct quizzes on various chapters. This will surely help your child acquire more interest towards the subject.

So, you see how a distance learning math tutoring program can help your child sharpen his mathematical skills. You just need to talk to an efficient math tutor who can help your child master the subject without taking pains. So, start doing your researches today to give your child a bright future. Good luck!!

What’s Your Learning Style?

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A learning style is a unique approach used to acquire new information and skills in the best way possible for an individual. There are several different learning style theories, and each of them believe that teachers should be conscious of their students’ preferred learning styles and use a method that works well with each students’ style.

The most commonly used learning style model is the VARK model, and although it and other learning style models have received criticism from the scientific community, many people still like to take the VARK questionnaire for fun. If taken with a grain of salt, the questionnaire can help you at least uncover weak areas in your learning process.

VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic sensory. The questionnaire is much like the Myers Briggs personality test in that it asks you a series of personal questions that aim to tell you something about yourself at the end. However, the VARK inventory is short and only consists of 16 questions.

After you have answered all the questions, you are given a profile of your learning preferences that tells you what ways you prefer to take in and give out information. The profile then gives you strategies of how you can be successful in any learning environment, regardless of your learning preferences. It even tells you which learning strategies could actually be harmful to your education.

According to its creator, Neil Fleming, VARK is not a learning style, because it is only about one preference (how you like to take in and give out information). However, from this one learning preference comes hundreds of different VARK profiles. Some individuals use only one mode of learning (visual, aural, read/write or kinesthetic), while some individuals use two (bimodal) or even three or four (multimodal).

According to the official VARK website, 58% of people who took the questionnaire believed that their VARK profile matched their own perception of their preferences for learning. The site goes on to say that, although self-perceptions aren’t always reliable, this figure does support the value of the VARK questionnaire.

In addition, the model has also found that learning preferences can change with age and life experience. This finding suggests that we should re-evaluate our learning styles every few years and constantly work on strengthening our preferred modes of learning.

The VARK questionnaire can be useful for learning purposes at both school and work. In addition to helping students and teachers discover preferred learning and teaching styles, VARK can also be used by managers and employees to untangle the differences in styles of communication in the work place.

To find out how you can take the VARK questionnaire, visit the official VARK website at

Lauren Bailey is a freelance blogger who loves writing about education, new technology, lifestyle and health. As an education writer, she works to research and provide sound online education advice and welcomes comments and questions via email at

5 tips to help you study more effectively

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In today’s world education provides the best avenue through which
students can grow in knowledge and make the best out of their lives. For many people college provides an opportunity for them to acquire skills necessary for career advancement.

It is common knowledge that college life can be very stressful when it comes to studying in order to get that much needed grade that will help you advance in your career. A lot of people find coping with studies a bit stressful and hence do not get the results they hoped for. Stress and pressures brought about due to studying if not well handled often results to poor performance for many students. The following are some great tips for reducing stress and studying more effectively;

It is worth noting that success is never an accident but a culmination of hard work and persistence. Many people who have succeeded in their studies took their time to execute a well thought out study plan. In order to avoid the last minute rush which so often leads to stress every student is encouraged to have a schedule that should be followed religiously. Difficult subjects should be handled early in the morning when the student is fresh and more alert.

Many students think that studying late into the night offers the best results, well when it comes to studying this is far from the truth. Staying awake late into the night will not only wear you out but also make you more stressed. It is a good practice to always have plenty of rest in order to get the strength needed to study. Plenty of rest helps reduce stress and makes you more active and abele to concentrate on your studies.

When it comes to effective studying being positive is always the key. Learn to look at the glass as half full instead of it being half empty. No matter what never panic since panicking often leads to stress and hence poor results. Take your time to study and focus on what you already know as compared to what you do not know.

People often say that relaxing comes the nerves and gives one an opportunity to meditate on what he has already learned. It is a good idea to have your alone time in order to meditate on what you already know. Relaxing with friends also helps to reduce stress helping you to relax your mind before you embark on studying again.

Education should be fun leaving the student more knowledgeable in the study he is undertaking. A well planned studying habit often makes the main difference between succeeding in your exams or not. Students should be able to find a balance between studying and socializing as this helps to grow the individual both socially and academically.
Paul is a freelance writer that loves to share tips when it comes to education and also resources on scholarships for college students.

Custom Homework Writing

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The writers of have experience in almost all the formats including APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago and Harvard style. The custom essay writers pay extra attention to all your needs in order to suit the requirements. They do a good research before writing the essay start the writing with a unique approach. They also have the ability to formulate the most appropriate and relevant topic sentences. They guarantee the quality of their writing and the students who seek their assistance can earn good grades for their writing by the teachers.

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